Utilities and Services in Dagshai

Dagshai is one of the major cantonment towns of Himachal Pradesh. It is located under Solan district on the main Chandigarh Shimla Highway. It is one of the tourist center and prominent location for visitors as a small town with tranquil climate and majestic mountains. Due to rapid development undertaken in mountainous regions, Dagshai also witnessed modernization within very short span of time.

Availability of services in Dagshai

Here, lots of contemporary and conventional services are now laid down to offer basic and modern facilities to people living in the town. Even it is blessed with infrastructure of communication and administration to increase growth of Dagshai. Here are the details of few services available in the region of Dagshai.

Administrative Services in DagshaiAdministrative Services in Dagshai

Dagshai comes under fourth level of cantonment board, which comprised of adequate municipal facilities for citizens of town. It provides services like sanitation, water supply, drainage & sewerage, street light, and healthcare.

The Cantonment Board of Dagshai is responsible for collecting taxes, engineered planning of town, education, and cleanliness of town. Elected team with the selected board members works together to make Dagshai a better place to live.

Banking and Finance in Dagshai

Dagshai is not that much developed in banking and finance field in Himachal Pradesh. It is well known for tourism; therefore economic infrastructures are quite scarce in this region. However, Punjab National Bank has introduced its branch in Dagshai town to facilitate banking facility to the populace of this province. This branch is well established with modern facilities and features to provide elevated banking services to the citizens of Dagshai.

Banking and Finance services in Dagshai

Punjab National Bank

Address: Ambla - Shimla - Kaurik Rd, Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh 173210
Phone No: 01792 - 266 158

Health Care Services in Dagshai

For health, people are dependent on Cantonment Board Dispensary located in town. It is established with proper equipments along with RMO and compounder. Nearly 5000 people are treated every year at this dispensary in Dagshai. The dispensary remains open from morning to evening for the service of people in town and adjoining areas. People can get immediate treatment during emergency as well.

Proper Health Care services offered in Dagshai

Postal and Courier Services in Dagshai

Dagshai has been found with sub office of Postal department under the head office of Solan. This well established postal office offers courier service and other allied postal services to the people of Dagshai.

Postal and Courier services at Dagshai

Transport in Dagshai

Dagshai is found with excellent road transport facility along with quite appropriate railways transit. Dagshai possesses its own small gauge railway station that connects Shimla and Kalka. Kalka have both small gauge and broad gauge lines hence, it provides connectivity to all other major cities of India.

Communication Services in Dagshai

BSNL is the major communication medium in Dagshai. It provides landline communication services along with broadband services. Its immaculate services provide complete connectivity with rest of the world. Vodafone is the other private player that has recently launched its services in Dagshai region. Other than that, all leading telecommunication companies also provide connectivity to people visiting Dagshai.

Tele Communication services in Dagshai

With these essential services, Dagshai is a small tranquil town with some local people offering other services of laundry, catering, car rental, etc. These services collectively strive to make Dagshai a better place to reside amid the serenity of nature.
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